Equipment maintenance

Organized and efficient

Security surveillance

Assitance and support

Professional solutions

Except for regular maintenance visits, where we check all the equipment in stores, clean them and detect problems, we assure every time when we are in one of your locations that the equipment works flawlessly and we provide quality supplies.
We analyze and suggest also equipment upgrades, turning old computers into performant machines so your staff can have the best reaction time.
Your uptime is important to us
so we already
prepared a spare part for you
We do not care about your warranty run out, we change your product directly so you can go on with your business.
From printers to monitors and computers we always provide for you.
We are here to help your staff with the functionality and usage of your equipment.
Because time is money, at urgent matters, we drive at your store faster then they can e-mail the ticket.
We maintain and keep the evidence of your printer models, also supply the best quality and cost supplies.
Planning devices, cabling, and installing them into new stores.
Sound & vision, network and computers, racks and security systems.
Professional planning and installation.
Event center monitoring system
All your devices up and running in good parameters with alarm data center for faults.
Law required maintenance